Our history

Ordrup Værktøjsmagasin's webshop is an online store specializing in fittings.
Here you can find a very large selection of fittings for doors, windows, furniture, kitchens and the rest of the home.

We have doorknobs and doorknobs in backlit, wood, steel and brass. Among our best-known door handles are Arne Jacobsen's classic door handles. We also sell the famous "Strandvej series" with eighteen beautiful quality door handles named after the towns along the Strandvejen north of Copenhagen.
Among our other assortment can be mentioned anchors, cabin hooks, bolt bolts, key signs, small pressures, door hammers, long signs, rope holders, adjustable twisters, hanger handles, buttons, eyelets, hooks and much, much more.
We also have everything for childproofing of windows.
You are always welcome to call or write to us if there is anything you are in doubt about.

We can be reached daily by phone: 3963 4276

or by email: butik@ovm.dk