We offer various services here at Ordrup Værktøjsmagasin.
You are welcome to call our workshop and hear more on Tel: +45 3963 4276

Service & repair
Service & repair

We service and repair selected brands of lawnmowers, chainsaws and garden machines.
We only use good original spare parts.
Our workshop is authorized by Stihl, Viking, Honda and Briggs & Stratton.

Price example:
Service on a chainsaw costs DKK 300 + spare parts.

Knife sharpening

Professional sharpening of knives and all other cutting tools.
Our skilled scissors sharpeners sharpen everything from kitchen knives and scissors to tuning forks and pruning shears. Let us give your cutting tool a whole new life.
We also sharpen chef's knives.

Submission no later than Wednesday, for delivery Friday.
Price example:
Price for e.g. a kitchen knife: DKK 90

New keys
We can make hundreds of different types of keys.
We make copies of keys for the house, the car, the boat, the bicycle or the old padlock.


Engraving of signs.
We engrave nameplates in brass and hard plastic.
We have a large selection of brass signs to choose from.