Ordrup Værktøjsmagasin

Furniture knob Kaoline Limoges France in porcelain

SKU: 201826

80,00 kr

Introducing a charming porcelain knob that effortlessly exudes the timeless charm of country aesthetics. The bottom of the knob is professionally crafted from brass, available in a variety of finishes, which beautifully complements the fine porcelain top. Whether it's an antique cabin, a vintage chest of drawers or a cozy kitchen cabinet, this knob brings warmth and calm to the room. With its unique combination of materials and textures, it is perfect for evoking a French country or traditional country feel in your home decor, transforming your living space into an oasis of rustic elegance.
Screw included.

Color: Porcelaen-shiny-brass-lacquer

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